Sa Brde'

Liquid Shea Combo

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This combo includes:


  • 7oz Liquid Shea 
  • 5oz  Body Elixir
  • 3.35oz Moisture Bar 
  • .35oz Sa Brde' Butter 


Sa Brde' Body Elixir helps to exfoliates the skin and take off dead cells. Liquid Shea aids and restore the skin by getting rid of ash and the dryness of the skin. The moisture bar adds a daily dose of moisture; lightening dark spots and acne. Lastly, the Sa brdè butter as we all know pretty much does it all! Removes dry skin and helps with acne, rashes, bumps, eczema, psoriasis, stretch marks, skin protection heat/cold, discoloration, burns, wrinkles, dryness and youthfulness. This product also can be used on all skin types. Don’t forget our butter can be used on hair from hair growth, softness and reduces itching on dry scalps. 

Due to homemade nature of Sa Brde’ Products appearance may slightly vary! The scrub now comes with honey inside of the product.